Depending on your service plan, the following hosting features may be available for your websites (listed at the Account > Hosting Options tab):

  • SSL/TLS support. This allows you to secure connections to websites with SSL/TLS encryption.
  • Web statistics. This allows you to view website visits statistics presented in diagrams and charts.
  • Custom error documents. This allows you to create custom HTML pages and configure the web server to show them instead of typical error messages, such as 404 Not Found.
  • Support for programming and scripting languages, such as PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, SSI.
  • Dedicated IIS application pool (Windows). This option provides isolation and improved stability for web applications working on sites.
  • Additional write/modify permissions (Windows). This option allows web applications to use a file-based database (like Jet) located in the root of the httpdocs or httpsdocs folder.
  • Allow web users to use scripts. This allows scripting at web pages available at URLs like<username>/<webpage>,where <username> refers to a web user. Web users are individuals who do not need their own domain names. This service is popular with educational institutions that host non-commercial personal pages of their students and staff.
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