Plesk Onyx not only provides a compelling set of useful, brand-new features, but it is transforming from a basic hosting control panel to a cloud-ready platform that addresses multiple use-case scenarios.

Thanks to the Plesk team’s efforts and those of many independent software vendors (ISVs), Plesk has become a fast-growing ecosystem comprising both free and commercial extensions ranging from authentication, design, backup, and monitoring, to server tools, security, and beyond.

For a web developer;

Web developers need tools for continuous deployment and testing of their web applications. Developers use the Git version control system to maintain and deploy their code, which is usually written in PHP, Ruby, or Node.js. Web developers might also need to deploy supporting services for their applications, and deploying them in Docker containers is the ideal way to do this.
For a web designer;

Web designers work with many clients at the same time. Their websites, often based on WordPress, require quick deployment, timely updates, and strong security. Web pros often use Git to track customizations they make to their clients' websites, especially when they need to deploy the site(s) quickly. They also need to keep an eye on search engine optimization. Moreover, website security and search engine rankings require that all websites have a TLS/SSL certificate, preferably one that is free and automatically updated.
For an IT Administrator;

An IT administrator's job is to set up, secure, and maintain their corporate website and online services. They need these sites to stay online 24/7, protect the connection with a SSL/TLS certificate (preferably free and automatically updated), and make these services integrate automatically and seamlessly with other corporate services like Mail. Once it is all set up and configured, the IT administrator must take care of the recovery plan and backup solutions.
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