What are the limitations of Plesk Multi Server?

Here's the list of current limitations of Plesk Multi Server:
1. It will only support Plesk Onyx and future Plesk versions
2. Currently all Plesk servers connected to Multi Server should have the same configuration:
     a. Same version of Plesk should be used
     b. Same components and capabilities should be available
     c. All nodes should be installed on the same OS. This includes both management and service nodes.
3. The following OSes are supported at the moment:
     a. CentOS 7
     b. Ubuntu 14.04
     c. Ubuntu 16.04
     d. Debian 8
4. Every server should have a valid Plesk installation before it can be used as a management or service node.
5. Management node cannot be used for hosting - it can only be used for centralized account management.
6. Currently there is no way to assimilate existing Plesk instances with production data.
7. Resellers are not yet supported.
8. Centralized mail with dedicated mail node is not yet supported.

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