Verify your license IP address.

In most cases, the system returns these errors because of an invalid or expired license. To check whether your license is invalid or expired, perform the following steps:


  •  Run either of the following commands to obtain your license's IP address:


    curl -L
    lynx -dump


  •  Navigate to the cPanel License Verification page.     
  •  Enter the IP address that you obtained in Step 1. Our website will display the status of your license.

              The License Verification page lists licenses for cPanel & WHM and other products separately. The list sorts each license from newest to oldest. For example, you may see COMPANYNAME-INTERNAL and COMPANY-CLOUDLINUX-INTERNAL-WITH-CPANEL in the Package column, where COMPANYNAME represents the name of the partner that issued the license. This example indicates that your server possesses a cPanel license and a CloudLinux license that you purchased through cPanel, Inc. Your CloudLinux license may report an active status while your cPanel license reports as expired.

Check for connectivity issues.

If your IP address is already licensed and you still experience problems, run the following script as the root user to verify your license:


If your license works properly, the script will not return a message. If the script requires more than a few seconds to run, your server may have encountered connectivity issues.

Check resolving and hostname.

To check whether you can resolve our servers, run the following command:




Additionally, ensure that your hostname is valid.

Check the server's time and date settings.

Ensure that the time and date of the server are not set too far in the future or past. To do this, run the date command. If the system returns an incorrect time or date, reset it.

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