Installation Requirements

  • Centos 7 VPS
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM (2GB RAM is recommended)
  • Minimum 20GB disk space (40GB recommended)
  • cPanel license

And install

To hostname configuration , run the following command:

  hostnamectl set-hostname 

To perl is not present on your server , run the following command:

  yum install -y perl

If curl is not present on your server you can install it with the following command:

yum install -y curl

To install cPanel&WHM , run the following command:     

 cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

The installation process just about take up to 30 minutes. After the installation , you should reboot on your server.

And Login WHM

You can now open your browser and navigate to https://your-server-ip:2087

To log in, enter “root” as username and use your server root password. 

and navigate to https://your-server-ip:2083. Installation complete with successfully.

Peace out !

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