End-user Features in cPanel&WHM

Manage Email Accounts
  • Add or Remove
  • Suspend or Reactivate
  • Custom Quotas Per Account
  • Webmail

Manage Files For a Website or FTP Site
  • File Manager
  • Manage FTP Accounts
  • Each FTP Account Can Have Its Own Directory and quota

Many Other Email Related Tasks
  • Mailing Lists
  • Autoresponders
  • Forwarders
  • Tracking Delivery
  • Filters

Manage Databases

  • Postgresql and MySQL
  • Create, Add Users, Remove
  • Integrated 3rd Party Database Managment Tools (PHPMyAdmin and PHPpgAdmin)

Manage Domains Inside the Account

  • Addon Domains
  • Parked Domains
  • Subdomains

Access Controls

  • IP Blocker
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Password Protected Directories

Many Other Tasks

  • Set PHP Version Per Website
  • Manage Cron Jobs
  • Install Wordpress
  • Manage DNS Records
  • Backups


  • Visitors
  • Access Logs
  • 3 Statistics Program
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Error Pages

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