Cloud Linux, is an operating system that provides resource and performance management, especially on servers with multiple user accounts. CloudLinux OS, which has been operating since 2009, can be simply implemented on operating systems such as CentOS.

  • CloudLinux reduces resource usage.
  • CloudLinux optimizes cost and customer balance.
  • CloudLinux isolates your sites from each other
  • Cloudlinux manages server resources at the kernel level
  • CloudLinux improves stabilization


Shared hosting servers are hosted on multiple sites. Hosting accounts created on servers can affect each other. A DDOS attack to a site may cause all other sites on the server to slow down. In Cloud systems, all users are isolated from each other and another site on the same system cannot affect your site. Thus, your site slow down, closing, such as no problems are reduced.

Security ? 

Cloudlinux With the CAGE FS feature, it is possible to isolate each user from each other in a possible hacking attempt, and the shell cannot be moved out of the directory of the site being thrown. Other sites on the server are definitely not affected by this type of hacking attempt.


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