• LiteSpeed ​​Web Server delivers superior performance. It is faster to process PHP than Apache. Wordpress provides an ideal hosting environment for Joomla and Drupal-based websites, and offers security enhancements with high PHP performance.
  •  A fully compatible web server. You can use the Apache web server on the systems you are using. You can define the settings file that was created for Apache. LiteSpeed ​​Web Server can work with widely used Cpanel, Plesk and Direct Admin.
  • It has high performance. Provides minimum memory and CPU usage, although hundreds of transactions are made on your server. Thus, your users can continue to relax in your site without losing speed.
  • LiteSpeed ​​Web Server is compatible with Apache's mod_security feature and has an Anti-DdoS system. The wide range of settings can even be used to specify many fine details such as connection, request and traffic per IP.
  • This feature is available to stop connections and bandwidth throttling, attackers, or too many connections and requesters.
  • Detailed HTTP Request Validation, including request rejection for hidden files and configurable settings for maximum URL, header, and body lengths.
  • Automatic and configurable load balancing.
  • Geographic location by IP address.
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