• Friday, August 2, 2019

Dear clients,

Panellicense.com has been a registered distributor-partner of cPanel since 2008. Our long-running partner, cPanel Inc. has announced its new account-based pricing policy on the 27th of June ( https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-account-based-pricing/ ). So we will reflect these changes to our prices as well. The new pricing scheme doesn't allow unlimited numbers of accounts on a single server. Clients will have three tiers for virtualized environments and one tier for bare metal servers. When a server reaches the maximum account limit, you are required to upgrade the license. On the "Premier" packages, the excess amount of users will be billed additionally. There will be no annual plan for cPanel products from now on. All these changes mean that most of our clients should expect a drastic increase in their cPanel licensing costs. The existing pricing scheme will be valid until the 1st of September. Since the new plans aren't available on the partner system, old plans are still active for new orders.

What Panellicense.com will do;
  • We have added a new section to license details pages about your current account number and your cost until the 1st of September.
  • We will convert all active cPanel licenses to the most appropriate plan according to the new pricing structure automatically and notify you on the 1st of September.
  • We are working on a per account-based billing model for granular control over your cost and announce it until the 1st of September.
  • To help our clients, we will provide alternative control panel software products to reduce your costs where applicable.
  • We are currently working with cPanel to optimize your costs.
  • We will announce some additional products and promotions to help you to reduce your overall operational costs.
  • We will offer discounts for bulk orders after the new pricing takes effect.
What you can do;
Panellicense.com has been helping our clients to improve service quality and reduce their costs since 2010. You can be confident that we will do our best to help you with the transition to the new situation. Please let us know your questions, comments, and thoughts about this unique situation via our support channels.

Our New cPanel Pricing Scheme:

  Admin Pro Premier
Accounts Max. 5 Accounts Max. 30 Accounts Max. 100 Accounts Bulk Accounts
Cloud (VPS) $19.95 $29.95 $44.95 $4.95 for each additional 25 account increments
Metal (Dedicated)      N/A N/A $44.95 $4.95 for each additional 25 account increments

Illustrative Examples:

  Package to be used Bulk Accounts Count Cost
A VPS with 5 accounts Admin (Cloud) 0 $19.95
A VPS with 15 accounts Pro (Cloud) 0 $29.95
A VPS with 90 accounts Premier (Cloud) 0 $44.95
A VPS with 250 accounts Premier (Cloud) 150 $44.95 + (150/25 x $4.95) = $74.65
A Dedicated Server with 5 accounts Premier (Metal) 0 $44.95
A Dedicated Server with 150 accounts Premier (Metal) 50 $44.95 + (50/25 x $4.95) = $54.85
A Dedicated Server with 1000 accounts     Premier (Metal) 900    $44.95 + (900/25 x $4.95) = $223.15

Best regards,
Panellicense.com Team