• Sunday, October 8, 2017
Dear Customers,

Plesk has announced a price adjustment effective November 1, 2017. We will reflect the new prices to our Plesk products at the same time. You can find details of the price increase at the official Plesk FAQ.


ew prices will be as following:

Dedicated Server Web Host $43,95
Web Host /w CL $54,95
Web Pro $14,95
Web Pro /w CL $24,95
Web Admin $10,00
Hosting Pack $19,95
Power Pack $14,95
Developer Pack $5,50
Wordpress Toolkit $5,50
Multi Server $10,00
VPS Web Host VPS $24,95
Web Host VPS /w CL $34,95
Web Pro VPS $14,95
Web Pro VPS /w CL $24,95
Web Admin VPS $10,00
Power Pack VPS $6,50
Developer Pack VPS $5,50
Wordpress Toolkit VPS $5,50